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How tempting are you?

Lust Factor
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Welcome to Lust Factor. lustfactor is a new hot rating community. The idea began during an episode of One Tree Hill when Brooke Davis put up a profile for Peyton Sawyer on lustfactor.com to try and meet new guys. We took that idea and instead of making it a place to meet new people we turned it into a rating community. Lust is one of the seven deadly sins that refers to the craving and desires for the pleasures of the body. Thus, this community will be based on looks, but in reality, we are not that shallow and will take into consideration the things you enjoy in life. Enjoy, and please don't take this too seriously, it is intended only for fun.

x- Carmela (16) feminosity
x- Ontario, Canada
x- One Tree Hill
x- The Breakfast Club, The Notebook, Zoolander
x- ipod = everything

Since we are a new community, we currently have no Mods. As we get more members, we'll put up an application or a vote to see who our Mods will be.

For Applicants:
x- Put "tempt me" in the Subject line so we know you read the rules.

For Members:

Copy the app exactly. Don't alter it, no rich next and fill all of it out.

Since Maintainers and Mods are the higher calling of the community their votes will be worth more points. A member's vote is worth one, either a point for or against the person. When a maintainer or mod votes either or against their votes count as follows:

Maintainer's Vote - 3
Mod's Vote - 2
Member - 1

There is currently no monthly theme.

There is currently no member of the month.

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